#9 Reasons to Redesign Your Website for Good UX

9 Reasons to Redesign Your Website for Good UX

9 Reasons to Redesign Your Website for Good UX

We all love new creation and innovation as no one wants to hold on to outdated things over a period of time. In the profession, it’s essential to reinvent new things in business, which can boost your business and increase the website visitors exponentially.

Are you bored with traditional UI and UX? If you are planning to update your website, then this article is exclusively for you. In this modern era, Internet marketing is evolving and changing consistently. If you are responsible for the growth of your company, whether it’s marketing, sales, or designing, make sure to know the importance of redesigning a website.

It’s essential to analyze your website and keep updating with the latest trends and technology. If you are running an online business, then your website is the marketing agent for you.

So make sure to update your website with the popular web development company in Chennai. You may ignore web redesigning for various reasons, but if you know the end result then you’ll probably need it.

If you are still confused to invest in a website redesign, we have enlisted the top 9 reasons to redesign your website. Use this as a checklist, while redesigning a user friendly website and keep up to date with technology.

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1. Poor User Experience 

User experience (UX) is the most essential factor to consider in an online business website. Better UX experience will be appealing to website visitors and gains user retention which makes them visit your site again and again.

User experiences rely on various factors and UX experts can easily analyze the issues that affect user experience to fix them. However, the following reasons will push you to redesign your website for better UX and user friendly experiences.

  • Make unique content to represent the purpose of the site.
  • Work on Weak CTA.
  • The inadequate content that engages the visitor’s first impression.
  • Users couldn’t find what they wanted.
  • User interactions with UI elements 
  • The users feel complex navigation.
  • The site is missing cross-browser compatibility.

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2. Your Site Experience Slow Loading

Every web visitor expects fast loading of a website, whether they use mobile devices or laptop, they expect seamless loading within 3 seconds.

Google Page Speed Insight is an important tool that helps to know various parameters that affect the fast loading speed of your website. If your website is lacking in loading speed, you must consider the redesigning process.


3. When Your Site Lacks Originality

Visuals or images are important for any website to showcase your brand to customers. Nowadays, users show interest in original content and even Google is not recommending copied content in websites. 

However, there is an increase in the number of internet users, which paved the way for more websites to gain popularity in recent times. The website design and the images must be original and show your value to customers. Customers are more interested in viewing how the product looks in real time. For this, images and videos work as a backbone for your businesses.

For example, you can create visuals, videos, and illustrations to reach a wide range of customers. Avoid using stock images or videos, invest in creating your own contents and update in your website. If your website has original images or videos, it will help you to create more credibility for your site.


4. Inadequate Mobile Friendliness 

Research says, 50% of total searches were done through mobile phones in 2017 and it becomes 52% in 2018. The most important need for redesigning your website is to make it compatible with mobile phones. 

By redesigning, your website will be easy to navigate on mobile phones. Tablets and other devices. Unlike desktop websites, the rankings of a mobile website are based on responsive time for Google ranks.

Ensure that your website is mobile responsive, as most of your leads and sales will take place on mobile devices. If the loading speed of your website is slow, then you are missing out on sales and leads.

As most of the business owners and entrepreneurs are experts with their ideas, but they don’t have knowledge in web development. This is the reason for any number of outdated websites existing still. 

If your business growth is dependent on the website, it is essential to redesign and reinvent using the latest technology for growth.

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5. When The Content Needs Improvement

Make sure to put forward  your brand message and design elements clearly on the website. You must have refined or rebranded your brand image recently, so make sure to apply the same in your website design accordingly.

To develop trust and communication with your audience, you can share the insights of your rebranding journey with customers. The customers need complete satisfaction and they like changes ensuring a great experience.

You can consider the following facts for updating your company or small business web content,

  • Taglines
  • Slogans
  • Brand voice
  • Value proposition
  • Mission

Ensure to keep updating your marketing goals, and brand your company consistently on your website. Consider changes in the content and language of your website for fruitful benefits.

Be unique with content in your landing pages and don’t let customers think they have already encountered such designs.


6. When You Want To Add New Products & Features

As your business grows, marketing strategy and sales will keep evolving. Keep up to date with your growth, business progress, and marketing goals with your customers.

If you don’t update your business growth, you’re more likely to miss your potential customers. In the website redesigning process, Add new products, technologies, and features in your blogs, events, etc. 

All these tools help you to engage more with the target audience and create brand awareness. You can add all your new products and establish your marketing strategies to get more traffic to your website. 


7. It’s Difficult For Navigation

Re-evaluate your business strategies and website appearance to convert leads and customers online. To start with redesigning your website, focus on landing pages, and CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons.

The clear CTA is the key to drive conversions and guide visitors to take up action more prominent. Consider all these factors to turn your prospects into potential leads or customers.

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8. Keep up-to-date with your Competitors

We are living in a competitive world with fiercely top competitors always trying to beat us on various fronts. For example, if your competitors have advanced search engines integrated with their website, you also need to have one to keep up with them to beat the competition.

Likewise, user interaction is the key to beneficial trends in website redesigning, as various UX technologies are rapidly booming than we could ever imagine. If you witness top competitors are implementing those strategies, you should search the same which is suitable to your website and integrate them all.


9. Good UX Boosts Conversions

Good UX can increase your brand visibility and discover more new target audiences to offer new products or services. For all the users searching online for your products, your website is the gateway.

So, make sure to build a responsive and attractive website for customers. You can achieve all this by redesigning your website by making minor corrections. 

As bad UX leads to 70% of cart abandonments, a clear website design can help customers to take actions easily and a well designed UX can bring 400% more conversations for websites.

The redesigning must include these features,

  • How you describe your product and services
  • Design and functionality of your website
  • How you organize your website
  • The content you provide for your product and service

Bottom Line 

Plan well before beginning the process of website redesigning strategy. You may encounter many reasons for website redesign projects. Ensure to understand all the reasons better and redesign your website with the right plan. 

Test as many new ideas or concepts as you can before redesigning and this helps you to achieve the desired results.

If you are witnessing any of the above-mentioned reasons in the existing website, it’s time to redesign your site with a leading web development company in Chennai today. 

Contact our expert team for all your website redesigning queries and feel free to be in touch with us.

Happy Redesigning!

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