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How to Optimize the Videos for Search Engines

How to Optimize the Videos for Search Engines

Most of the marketers understand the value of video marketing, marketers are also understands that getting high rank in the video searches in the search engines is very tougher than it is used be. Remember that when you throwing video on YouTube or vimeo with any keyword phrase and search engines grabs the first page results on the Google. So if you want to display your videos at first in the search engines then you should do some optimizing work for the sake of search engines.

The following are all the steps to optimize your video for search engines:

File Names

File Names:

When saving your video, choose a keyword friendly file name. it will helps to increase your visibility in search engines


Don’t forget to mention tags, because these tags allow us to enter our keywords and it will be separated by comma.


Craft the seo friendly optimized title for your services and be sure that it will not to include the file extensions to the title.


Choosing the right category is very important one. Putting your videos in the right categories makes you to visible on the particular keywords easily.


The key to optimizing your video search is that adding rich and relevant content to your description. Make sure that you also adding your URL to your content. Because it is very essential for search engine.


Make sure that all your changes and video’s are in public mode. Otherwise all your work is simply waste.



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