10 SEO Stats Death of Keyword Ranking Reports Whiteboard Friday !!!!

10 SEO Stats Death of Keyword Ranking Reports Whiteboard Friday

10 SEO Stats Death of Keyword Ranking Reports Whiteboard Friday

We all know that keyword rankings are important, but are they still a useful metric to report? In Whiteboard Friday reports, Cyrus Shepard discusses how changes in search have made individual keyword rankings an essential metric, and he presents 10 important SEO metrics that you can’t ignore to measure and report.


10 Important SEO Metrics for Reporting


  1. Rank Indexes
  2. Organic Traffic
  3. Referral Traffic
  4. Social Traffic
  5. Total Traffic
  6. Classic Links
  7. Mentions
  8. Social
  9. Project Details
  10. Business Objectives



The Four Key Focus Areas includes:


The biggest advantage of this system is the long-tail keywords. If you see the keyword index for the iPhone, long-tail keywords are likely going up and down too. As It’s not going to have a one-to-one relationship. This is why they’re not going up and down at the same time. In general, you need to capture a much broader sense of where the keywords are performing.

In simple words, you can track just one index, instead of tracking 50 keywords. That’s the number reported in this video. Therefore, iPhone visibility in the SERPs are quite increasing and decreasing. Now, this is something that your client will care about.



A better metric to report to your client’s reach. Everyone knows the importance of organic search traffic. Which marketers do in weekly reports, and it has become part of SEO’s realm. 

In the video, they report it as Organic search traffic. But there are a lot more important metrics to consider than this. 

Something you can find in this video is that a lot of SEOs are uncomfortable with reporting other traffic, such as referral traffic. As it requires content earning links to get shared and mentions. 

This means all the traffic will be from referral links and not from Google, Bing, or any other organic traffic. You can’t own credit for this referral traffic, but you can be an influencer in it. Therefore, you must report it to your client as well as the boss regarding it. 



Once after reach, the endorsement is a broad word that Google is looking for. We can’t say Google is looking for links, as you can find Penguin and other engines discount the links. Actually, they’re looking for editorial endorsements, and this can gain different links, mentions, local citations, press mentions, social authority. If you got these skills, this proves your efficiency in good marketing skills.

You can find a lot of different tools to do this. In this video, they suggest a Fresh Web Explorer which is a paid tool at MOZ. But you can also find different other tools such as Mention.net. As MOZ says, they rank all the new links through Fresh Web Explorer. This you can do using Open Site Explorer in of your favorite link building tools like Majestic, Ahrefs.



Finally, the most important thing you can report is your KPIs, because this takes care of most of your business objectives. In Google Analytics, it’s related to your goals, your conversions, and your assisted conversions. However, according to MOZ Analysis, these reports are scary for their On-page SEO, as inbound marketers could do only a small part with those metrics. Moreover, They added “There’s an entire sales team, there’s an entire website, there’s a development team”.


Final Word

But these are the most important metrics. As every business is trying to achieve it, you shouldn’t be scared of reporting them. If you are able to show the results of your efforts in achieving KPIs, SEOs, and inbound marketing, you can make more money out of it. 

This is not just about claiming all your credits. It’s about sharing the credit and taking a claim for your part in every action. You can show these metrics to clients, your boss, and prove how you helped them to achieve those things.


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