Top Online Web Development Tools To Try Out for Best Results

Top Online Web Development Tools To Try Out for Best Results!

Top Online Web Development Tools To Try Out for Best Results!

There are already so many best web development tools available in the market to accelerate web developer projects.

Why not? You would also read so many blogs related to this topic.

However, reading this blog, you do not just come to know the tools used for web development.

Besides, you get exact knowledge on which web development tools you should use for any of your projects to get the best results.

So, without getting delay, let’s dive into the top Online Web Development Tools as of 2020 that helps the developers to work with a variety of technologies.

Best Web Development Tools for Web Developers in 2020:

#1) Chrome DevTools

It is best for small to large scale businesses.

Price: It can be accessible for free of cost.

Chrome dev tools offer a set of web development tools for web developers.

These tools are built into Google Chrome. Hence, you can view and change the DOM and a Page’s Style.

Furthermore, with Chrome DevTools, you can view messages, run & debug JavaScript in the Console, edit the pages on-the-fly, diagnose the problem quickly, and optimize the website speed.


  • With Chrome DevTools, you can examine Network Activity
  • With a performance panel functionalities, you can Optimize speed, Analyze Runtime performance, and Diagnose forced synchronous layouts, etc.
  • Besides, it also has multiple functionalities for Security panels like understanding Security Issues and for Application panel, Memory panel, Network panel, Sources panel, Console panel, Elements panel, and the Device mode.

Download Website: Chrome DevTools

#2) TypeScript

It is best suitable for small to large scale businesses.

Price: It can available for Free of cost

This is a free and open-source programming language that is a typed superset of JavaScript.

Typescript will edit the code to plain JavaScript. Thus, it supports any browser, any host, and any operating system.

Further, you can also use the actual JavaScript code and call the TypeScript code from JavaScript.


  • The compiled TypeScript code can be run in Node.js, and in any JavaScript engine that supports ECMAScript 3, that too in any browser.
  • TypeScript will enable you to use the most advanced and evolving JavaScript features.
  • You can define interfaces in the software components.

Download Website: TypeScript

#3) JQuery

It is one of the best web development tools suitable for small to large scale businesses.

Price: JQuery is a free and open-source web development tool for beginners.

This JavaScript library is created for simplifying HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation.

As it is rich in features, it can be used for event handling and animation.


  • JQuery offers an easy to use API that performs tasks like Ajax and animation simpler. This API work well in various browsers.
  • JQuery is 30/kb minified and gzipped.
  • It can be added as an AMD module.
  • It is CSS3 Compliant.

Download Website: JQuery

#4) Angular.JS

It is best for small to large businesses.

Price: It is free and open-source.

AngularJS will help you to increase HTML vocabulary. HTML is great for static documents, but it will not work with dynamic views.

AngularJS helps you to develop an environment that is expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

Further, it also provides the toolset that allows you to build the framework for your web application development.

This fully extensible toolset can work with other libraries. Besides, it also gives you the freedom to modify or replace the feature based on your development workflow.


  • AngularJS offers you the features of Data Binding, Controller, and Plain JavaScript. Data Binding will reduce DOM manipulation.
  • Directives, Reusable Components, and Localization are the great features that AngularJS offers for creating Components.
  • It provides the features of Deep Linking, Form Validation, and Server Communication for Navigation, Forms, and Back ends.
  • It also affords built-in Testability.

Download Website: Angular.JS

#5) WebStorm:

It is best for small to large businesses.

Price: It is free and open-source.

WebStorm delivers smart coding assistance for JavaScript.

Additionally, it also provides advanced coding assistance for Angular, React.js, Vue.js, and Meteo.

Thus, it makes web developers to code competent when working with large projects


  • It provides built-in tools for debugging, testing and tracing client-side and Node.js applications
  • It combines with popular command-line tools for web development
  • Spy-js built-in tool enables tracing JavaScript code
  • It provides a unified UI for working with many popular Version Control System
  • It is extremely customizable to perfectly fit various coding style
  • It offers built-in debugger for client-side code and Node.js apps

Download Website: WebStorm

So far we’ve discussed some of the best web development tools in 2020, now let’s break down the web developer tools into different sections.

Code & Text Editors

Front-End web developers wouldn’t be able to complete their projects fast and effectively without the use of code and text editors.

In such a case, some of the best web development tools when it comes to code and text editor are Atom, sublime text, and Notepad++.


On the block of code editors, Atom is relatively a new kid.

It was developed and published in 2014 by GitHub and has been defined as “a hackable text editor for the 21st Century”.

It has a steady workflow and is quite natural.

Sublime Text

The Sublime is among the most popular text code editors available in the market.

You can also download Sublime for free and use it for some period.

Sublime is cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux), has a quick navigation, adaptive matching of commands, simultaneous editing, and Python-based plugin API.


Notepad++ is a powerful open source text editor, which only works on Windows.

It supports 27 programming languages, regular expressions, supports synchronized edits and views, syntax highlighting and folding, and has many other handy features.

Web Application Frameworks

Web Application Frameworks are software libraries designed to help you build web services, web resources, and web APIs.

Hence, choosing the right framework for your project is extremely important.

Hence, one of the most popular web frameworks you can use it for both front and backend is Django


It is a high-level Python framework that promotes rapid development and well-organized, pragmatic software design.

Django is known to be one of the most secure web frameworks out there, as it’s one of the fastest to react to new vulnerabilities.

Front-End Frameworks

It is also called “CSS frameworks,” front-end frameworks are packages containing pre-written, standardized code.

They are here to help you hit the ground running when building new websites.

There are hundreds of CSS frameworks out there, with their own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing the right framework for your project is difficult.

Hence, to help you out, one of the best web development tools for developing web apps is bootstrap.


Bootstrap is one of the most popular open-source CSS frameworks.

It was created by Twitter developers and originally published in 2011.

Bootstrap includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components and allows us to create responsive websites of all complexities and sizes.

It’s also very accessible to those who are just getting started in web development.

Package Managers

Web developers use package managers to automate the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing computer programs.

Thus, some of the best package managers for web designers and developers are discussed below.


Yarn is one of the newest package managers out there, built by Facebook. It’s loved by the community for its superiority to most other package managers’ speed, reliability, and security.


NPM is the default package manager for the JavaScript runtime environment NodeJS.

Recently, now it released NPM 5 halfway through 2017, which fixed many of the initial shortcomings.

Git Clients

There are a number of Git GUI clients available for various operating systems. It’s good to try out a few before settling down for the one which works best for you and your team.

Github Desktop

Built by GitHub, it’s a tool that allows you to interact with GitHub from the desktop. It’s got a rich interface that allows us to manage code without the command window.


It’s another free and quite powerful Git graphical user interface that is written in Python. It’s less popular than other clients but still has a small yet active community behind it.


SmartGit is another cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) Git client. It’s got all the features a web developer might need and is quite customizable to individual preferences and workflow.

API & Testing Cloud Tools

Web APIs are a crucial part of web developers’ work nowadays. It’s important to have reliable tools to build, test, and communicate with the APIs efficiently and securely.


It’s a testing and validating tool for REST services in Java. REST Assured brings the simplicity of using dynamic languages into the Java domain.

Web Design & Prototyping Tools

It’s no longer enough to just code web sites or apps. If you want people to actually use them, you need to put a lot of effort into the UI and UX. 

As a result, most of the web developers are interacting and cross-collaborating very closely with the designers. 


Figma is currently the world’s leading UI design software. It’s gained popularity mainly due to its collaboration features, allowing multiple people to work on the same document simultaneously.


The toolset is a page builder that allows users to build custom elements for websites quickly and without coding.


Therefore, these are some of the best web development tools as of 2020. Hence, according to your requirement, you can use these tools for web development projects.

Furthermore, every landscape of web development is constantly changing. Hence, modern developers have different apps in their tool-boxes — and it’s important to constantly stay tuned with all the latest news in the industry to remain efficient.

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