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Usage of Google Webmaster Tools

Usage of Google Webmaster Tools

This is very helpful tool provided by the Google freely. Main aim of this tool is to improve our websites. It will show exactly what is going on our website and what the problems in our websites are. So that we can find what Google thinks of our site. This also prevent from us from being blocked. It can help index our webpage more effectively. It is very similar to the Google analytics but carrying both tools will help you to get full image of your website and what needs to be improved.


1) This tool gives information about the missing or faulty pages, and pages that search engines are not able to crawl. Crawling is very important if the search engine bots cannot crawl your website then it will be affect the ranking of your site.

2) It will show you how your pages will be looks like in the search engines, and based on which keywords etc. It is also show click through rate of your webpage. This is quite an important information that you will see which pages require more work from you and what are all the keywords actually works you.

3) This tool analysis all the internal and external links to your web page. You will get information regarding broken links so that you can easily fix it or remove it. Also you will know how many backlinks you have. These backlinks are very crucial one for the popularity of site.

4) If you are submitting site map to the Google you have to ensure that all your pages well indexed. If it’s not then no one can find your sitemap on search engines.

5) This tool sends the email notification when your website get affected by any malwares.

6) You will be able choose your domain name with or without www, and it will appear in the search results.

These are all the important benefit of the Google webmaster tools.

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