Top Cause for Using HTML5 Instead of Flash in Responsive web design

Top Reasons for Using HTML5 Instead of Flash in Responsive web design

Top Reasons for Using HTML5 Instead of Flash in Responsive web design

HTML  5 is the newest version of HTML which is  stands for Hyper Text Markup Language . Most of the website are designed by html only.In previous version of HTML plugin’s needed for playing any audio or video in the website. But HTML 5 itself contain the code for adding video and audio in the website where it is developed.

There are lot of reasons for the designer can switch over flash responsive web design to HTML 5 based website design. Here few reasons are listed below


Highly interactive website design is needed for every designer who design the website but achieving this one should want to include animation, audio, video files and also social media sites like facebook, twitter. For that designers using flash responsive design in previous years. Coding become more complicated and consumes so much time. But today HTML 5 is helped to develop any kind of website having animation,video,audio and many other rich content without using any plugin or third party programs and functionality in web browser.


Compatibility of flash with Mac OSX  is creating some of the issues. When using of flash responsive design the cpu is reacting overheaded and consumes more power in the Mac OSX laptop and it’s mobile devices. So that battery is get damaged quickly. But HTML 5 is compatibility of all web browsers.

Power consumption:

Power consumption of flash responsive webdesign in touch screen is more and heat up the the moblile devices very soon. But HTML 5 designing can take only few consumption of power and It slowly heat up the mobile device.


Client-side database:

In the flash responsive webdesigning method the user data is stored in the form of cookies. This cookies only helped to track user data in previous years. There is lot flaws in the cookie storage all of our cookies stored in the http request header. So that it increase the responsive time. Best way avoid this one is reducing cookie size. With help of HTML5 it can handled by better by session storage and local storage instead of cookies. It is not the permenant database and it can store the structured data temporarily.


Accesibility is compared to HTML 5 is higher than than the flash responsive web design. Here we can add semantics and ARIA. With help of semantics tag the browser can easily understand the code and it reduce the complexity of webdesign.

HTML 5 is the future of web site designing so why we are hesitate to use this. It can help us to design the website in better way we think.

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