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Firefox is used all over the world. It can help to access internet as fast manner. So improving the speed of the browsing we have to add some extensions to the Firefox so that it can be accessed in a best manner. Here I listed 10 essential Add Ons for Firefox.

Adblock plus:

This Add on helps to the people those who are doing advertisement business. Version 2.0 is   preferable for this add on.

Amazon add to wish list:

This Amazon add to wish list add to help the user can save their list of wishes for shopping and whenever they want to purchase any item via the internet.

Auto pager:

This tool helps to display continues articles which residing in the next next pages. Here to scroll down take the next page content to the current page and displays the full article on a single page.

Any color:

This adds to help to change color preference of your browser as you wish.


This adds ons help to download all the images and videos in a single download link and can able resume and download whenever we want.

Xmarks Bookmark and password Sync:

This adds on to help to synchronize all the bookmark and passwords for single user in multiple PCs. So that user can use their personal passwords and bookmarks anywhere connected to the PCs

Web of trust (WOT) safe browsing tool:

This adds on preventing the user form entrusted and blocked website content if and only the user wants. It provides full security of the web browser as well as our computer.

Session manager:

Session manager helps the user save the web pages and retrieve any time how they stored in the session manager. So that no changes of content and form details which we are stored in the last session we can retrieve as usual.

IE tab:

Some browser only can access in the Internet explorer browser. This add ons help to run that kind of pages in the new tab with a native language code in Internet Explorer without closing the current window.

SEO status Pagerank/ Alexa toolbar:

This toolbar is a very helpful SEO analyst and website owners. It can show the page rank of the current page and Alexa rank for the current page. This mostly used by the SEO peoples and  website owners.

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