SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2020 !

SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2020

SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2020

You could have known from the past decade, there are lots of changes occurred in SEO. It had totally halted the link building work, keyword selections and had turned totally towards quality content and as well most of the working strategies have been out dated. This article will definitely help you to know about the common myths and assumptions regarding the work of SEO.

Submitting site to Google

Most of the people think that to make a website available in the search result, it is highly necessary to submit it in front of Google. But, it’s not true. Google is very smart and so it doesn’t need to submit the brand new website. So, it’s not necessary to just submit the website rather tell the search engine about your site.

Based on ranking

There is a strong relationship between search results and click through rates. Just keep a thing in mind, ranking alone will not provide guaranteed success. It’s possible to rank for lots of keywords and as well help in getting tons of traffic, but there won’t be any use. So, get alerted from today, it’s time to shift the goals.

Ranking number #1

As like we know, searches usually prefer top search results. But today, search results come with author profiles and rich snippets, the CTR seems to be higher on these types of listings rather than top search results. So, it is never a necessary one to rank as #1 to feel the success in business.

A need for handing it over IT

SEO needs technical expertise, but it is not necessary to hand the work only to IT. SEO requires more logical thinking rather than technical thinking. So, it’s never a compulsory one to hand over the website to the IT professionals rather than an individual person with complete knowledge in SEO, logical thinking and little communication is enough.

More backlinks than quality content

You could have known, link building takes the most major part in SEO. Even though, links create the website’s authority, it’s not alone going to fulfill the SEO needs; rather quality content takes the other half part to grab the accurate and relevant customers.

Content trumps SEO

Just keep a think in mind, good and quality content can take your website to the far, but it could never be the only tool to provide long term result. Google supports only the quality content because as it is the one which is going to help its own customers. It’s just return with a purpose to grab the attention of relevant audience.

Social Media and SEO don’t have any relation

The blend of social media and SEO is often referred as social search, which had gradually built the relationship with search and being social. This is the reason for why Google concentrate on Google+ and as well author profiles. Remember, the authoritative content only can drive both the search and social media. So, try to think on both social media strategy and search optimization efforts to get better results.

On page SEO for ranking

Placing the keyword on the page through content and Meta description not alone a good idea, rather it’s highly necessary to have flawless on page SEO. So to make the SEO efforts most needed one through on page and off page optimization, user convenience and as well conversion rate. So take the next step from SEO.

Exact matching keywords

SEOKeyword doesn’t need to be repeated again and again, it is enough that we make use of the keywords that make sense. Try to avail the headline in 4 -9 words which explains the whole meaning. The headline here refers both headline and content of the page.

Not an usability issue

Doing SEO is not alone to showcase the website in the search engine and it’s only to grab the attention of users. It must be easy enough to help the customers while using with faster page loading, good and high quality content, and more. These attributes may gradually increase the click through rate as well the better ROI.

Now, you could have known some of the common SEO myths, assumptions and rumors. So try to evaluate the most powerful strategy which will bring your website to the organic search results.

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