How Google Killed the Long Tail of Search Keywords Slowly

How Google Slowly Killed the Long Tail of Search Keywords

How Google Slowly Killed the Long Tail of Search Keywords

Over the years Google limited the listing of keywords for consolidated search volumes (this are easier for matching ads) and also they inserted the own listings in the search results. So that long tail keywords are now less profitable to most of the publishers. Here the detailed list how Google slowly killed the long tail search keywords

Spell Correction and Google instant

In older days merely 10% of the people make some spelling mistakes while searching for the particular things. That’s why SEO become born, but now Google provide auto spell correction for the search queries. This one eliminating the efficiency of targeting the long tail misspelled keywords.

Not only providing spell checks Google also actively tried to take the search result to the most famous keywords or paths.

Google Places and Localization

google-placesInsertion of places and localization further splits up the traffic of search results. Here it show’s fully indexed branded site at first and next local search results with map marketers and at last SEO driven links are displayed.

May Day Update From Google

This update requires every website needed more domain authority for sites to be able to list the long tail keywords.

Panda Update with Too Many Pages

This Google panda algorithm penalizes the site with too many unrelated links, low quality sites or thin sites. So if you want to protect your website from this algorithm you should upfront your production cost and brand name. This algorithm also captures the long tail keywords. So that it is no longer benefit of being often looked the long tail keywords, because you only get Google penalize as a result.

Keywords Not Provided

Google now hides the keywords for the user who all are signed in the Google accounts. So that site owners don’t even know the kind of search keywords are used to search their products. This is only applicable for the organic search results not for a paid search like Adwords.


The above are all the steps how the Google slowly killed the long tail keyword search results and takes the website owners into more paid search resulting stage.

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