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How to Build Links to Social Profiles

How to Build Links to Social Profiles

Most of the people, business and organization want that the information that appears in the search engines to be positive and preferably control by them. The best way to dominate SERF is building links in the social profile. This one helps to get the top position on the search results. Also great reason to build links is that, you getting internal links from the social page itself. It will increase your popularity on search engines.

Twitter Bio Links

Twitter link are no follow links, so the best way to create backlinks is that connect many personal profiles with your main company profile and mentioning the company profile in other Bios. In this way you can build links for your company or organization.

Simple Example for this one is, Hubspot.  Most of their company employees mentioning the main Hubspot during the Twitter handle in their Bios.

So collect the list of employee those who all are active on the Twitter and include your company username in their profile bio

Facebook Links via Profiles

Similar to the Twitter you can link your company member’s Facebook pages to a employee personal profiles. These Facebook links are Dofollow category.  So that you can collect a huge amounts of links by doing simple thing in the Facebook social page.

Ask your employee to add their current job title in the work and education section of their profile about us page. Make sure that your company details are correctly connected in their Facebook page.

Google+ and Cross Promotion Between Profiles

The next way to build some of the high authority link to your social sites is to do some cross promotion links via some social media like Google+.  Get details about your profile likes in about tab of your profile page, and take advantage of links to your social profiles and the pages.

Pinterest allows you to add Facebook and Twitter account, thus adding the nofollow link to each Pinterest personal profile or business profile.

These are the simple ways to develop the links via your social profiles.


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