Wow…It’s amazing to know that you’ve planned to create an E-commerce Website in the digital world. 

However, creating an eCommerce website is not an easy task- there are several things that you must consider to create a successful e-commerce store that engages your customers. 

From a list of things to consider before building an eCommerce website. I’ve picked up 6 essential things that you must keep in mind to make your customers keep coming back to your site regularly.

Let’s get started,

6 Customer-Engaging Things to Consider Before Creating an Ecommerce Website:

Though the Outbreak of Coronavirus(COVID-19), currently online businesses are booming.

Moreover, it is predicted that by the year 2021, Global Retail E-commerce sales will hit $4.9 trillion– it is the fastest growing market as of now. 

1. Choose the Right E-commerce Platform to Create an E-commerce Website:

Whenever you start thinking of building an eCommerce website, you must decide on which eCommerce platform, you need to build your eCommerce website on. 

There are different eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and so on. 

Therefore, according to your budget and needs, choose the right eCommerce platform.

So, if you are planning to open an eCommerce store with many products, then you can opt for platforms such as Magento that have been created specifically for eCommerce use.

Magento is the perfect option as it is easier to manage your products.

2. Create an E-commerce website with Responsive Website Design:

The next essential thing to take into account before creating your eCommerce website is- Have a responsive website design.

It is the most crucial factor to drive traffic to customers. Therefore, make sure you have a clean, beautiful, and simple design rather than one with too many graphics and incorporate a clear call to action button.

On the flip side, you can create your own custom theme or you can also opt for the preselected theme and build upon it.

A custom theme is costlier than a pre-made selected theme, where it allows you to add custom functionality to your website.

Further, if you are a startup eCommerce business owner and looking for a low budget theme to your eCommerce website, you can opt for a preselected theme.

However, make sure the preselected theme is regularly updated and that they have support contact details in case of any queries.

This is because if you have a responsive website design only it can be viewed properly across multiple platforms and operating systems.

3. Your E-commerce Website Must be Secure:

Having a secure e-commerce website is beneficial for both you and your customers. 

Earlier, to keep customers and your Brick-and-mortar stores safe, you installed surveillance cameras or appointed bodyguards or used necessary tools for security reasons.

However, when it comes to your eCommerce website. There are a number of hackers out there, whoever can target your eCommerce site and steal your eCommerce website data and customer’s valuable information.

Therefore, it’s increasingly important to keep your website secure. Don’t panic, for every question, there is an answer.

The best way to keep your website secure is to support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt information. 

Having an SSL certificate provides authentication so that customers know it’s safe to make purchases on your website.

Moreover, SSL certificates are mandatory for any eCommerce website that collects private information from customers including address, e-mails, phone numbers, and credit card numbers via forms.

4. Create an E-commerce website with Optimized Checkout and Payments Option:

As you’re new to start an eCommerce store, keep in mind that you should have a website that enables visitors to create a user account before placing a purchase order.

This is because enabling the user to create an account further helps you to follow-up future communication and to promote newly arrived products with them.

Furthermore, it also helps to analyze customers’ demographic information and enhance sales.

But, it’s important to understand that not every visitor visiting your eCommerce store will be eager to create an account. 

For this reason, you must give an option to someone who wants to place a one-time order without creating a user account.

On the other hand, you must also give Customers different payment choices on how they want to pay. But the method should be convenient and simple for them. If the customer makes payment by debit or credit, it is always important to keep his/her secrets always secure.

5. Must-Do SEO to Your E-commerce Site:

If you want to beat your competitors and to make potential customers see your products, then it’s necessary to do SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to your eCommerce website.

Optimizing your website according to search engines like google, yahoo, and bing will help your eCommerce website to rank on the first page of search results.

For this take some time, do keyword research- how your customers are searching in search engines to find your products. According to that, garner the keywords and optimize your eCommerce website content. 

For this, you can take advantage of  Google’s keyword planner- this is quite helpful in managing your keyword research. 

Furthermore, revisit these keywords occasionally to update them and experiment with which keywords work better.

On the other hand, you can also boost your search engine rankings with good page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs that include relevant keywords. 

6. Create an E-commerce Website that Has Effective Product Page:

What is the purpose of creating an e-commerce site? To sell products to your target audience.

Therefore it is extremely important to showcase your products by incorporating product pages at the e-commerce store

Furthermore, when displaying your products, make sure that you’re using high-quality images that grab the user’s attention and entice them to make a purchase. 

The larger the images, the better will be the performance. By showing quality pictures, your customers can see how well the product looks in real life.

In case, you upload a wrong size, or a different color to a product and make it look so artificial, you may end up getting a bad impression on your eCommerce website and you will lose out valuable customers. 

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