Just started out a new e-commerce website? Want to skyrocket your business and gain an edge over your rivals? Definitely, you will. In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 simple and powerful digital marketing ideas to market your startup E-commerce website.

30- second summary:

  • It’s an agreeable fact, it is difficult to engage customers in the newly started eCommerce business. However, it takes persistence and a variety of marketing strategies to reach your audience and increase sales. 
  • Moreover, if you haven’t marketed it in the right manner, then you won’t be able to find new customers and the website will fail.
  • Therefore, to help you out, we compiled some of the top 10 digital marketing ideas on how to market your new e-commerce site and win the race.

As per the studies, it is predicted that without the right marketing strategies, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.2%. So, the sellers who implement the upcoming digital marketing tactics can enable long-term connections with the returning customers and also get opportunities to engage and attract new buyers.

10 Simple Digital Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Your Start-Up E-commerce Website

1. Have an SEO Strategy

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. It is is not only for ecommerce websites but for all websites.

For example: If your eCommerce store is all about selling quality watches, then optimize your website with the right SEO keywords by incorporating in the product descriptions and titles. 

The more optimized your ecommerce site is, the better chance you will get to rank higher in the SERP, which means more traffic and more sales.

To identify your niche SEO keywords, you can use tools, such as Ahrefs, SEMRUSH, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, or Google.

Once you identified the right SEO keywords with the high search volume and low competition that your target audience is looking for.

You can optimize your ecommerce website and measure the success of your SEO strategy with Google Analytics.

Another vital factor to consider is the speed of your e-commerce website. If your website loads faster then you have a higher chance of converting visitors into customers.

It is also an important piece to consider for SEO and ranking – slow loading websites simply fail to rank in the search results.

2. Create a Blog

In today’s digital world, it’s no wonder that marketers find content marketing is one of the most important tools to increase organic traffic and provide a better customer experience. 

So, if you want to market your ecommerce store, then it is essential to create a blog.

Blogging has become an effective way to market online because it is cost-efficient as well as appealing to your target audiences.

If your e-commerce site sells a specific type of item, then your customers would have frequent questions regarding the item. Gather them.

According to that, brainstorm and create a high-quality content blog that educates and attract people to your blog.

So, once visitors get into the blog to read, inform them more about the products you are selling, and you will be able to convert some of them over to becoming customers. This in turn helps in driving sales.

3. DO PPC Advertising

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a type of digital marketing where companies pay for every click that their ad receives.

PPC advertising allows you to measure whether campaigns are cost-effective by comparing the ad costs to the amount of traffic and sales generated by the ad.

The most common type of PPC advertising is search engine advertising, with Google AdWords being the most popular PPC software.

AdWords allows you to create high CTR based ads that appear on Google’s search engine and place your ads through an auction process.

Here, you bid on a particular keyword, and ads are chosen based on bid amounts and the ad’s quality score.

Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat have also utilized this type of paid advertising model.

Here, the ads will appear on a user’s feed or timeline, based on the platform, and you pay by CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

4. Use Promotions to Attract Consumer

Promotions have always contributed a huge part when it comes to marketing any new small business to the audience.

Even before the internet was crawling with e-commerce websites, many new businesses or startups always have opening sales or some type of promotion method to help attract people.

The same traditional marketing strategy works on the Internet too.

If you are offering a promotion or sale to the new eCommerce business, then you can appeal to many more people.

Customers always love a good deal, so make a great offer, and watch as they flock to your site.

5. Do email Promotions

Email marketing is an easy and powerful way to target consumers with promotions that are catered to their particular needs.

Customers are mostly interested to buy a product by knowing how it benefits them.

If your product benefits them, then no doubt, they are more likely to engage with your product. Moreover, you can also engage in discounts and offers that serve their wants.

For example, store visitors who viewed products but never made a purchase would also get benefited from an email discount for first-time buyers.

Loyal, returning customers cannot use a first-time buyer offer but might love an email reminder about your online store’s large semi-annual sale since they’re already a fan of your brand.

Buyers’ emails are often gathered on online stores through pop-up promotion windows (“send your email for a 20% discount”) or at checkout when buyers are asked if they’d like to receive email promotions.

6. Encourage Product Reviews

Another great way to increase visibility to your online store is to encourage product reviews.

Product reviews are a critical way of building trust around your online store and products.

We all know online buyers can’t see items in-person or merchants, so they are able to make purchasing decisions only through the phenomenon of social proof — determining what is correct behavior by looking to others’ feedback or review.

Therefore encourage product reviews, this helps store visitors to read the product reviews of past customers and use the feedback to decide whether they should buy your product.

Product reviews sway customers when:

  • There are plenty of them
  • They are mainly positive (4 to 5 stars, on average)

So, remember to encourage customers to leave more reviews by encouraging feedback in an email.

For example: Once you sell online and the buyer receives your item, you can send an email to politely request feedback on their shopping experience.

You can even incentivize reviews by providing a discount or entry into a contest in exchange for feedback.

7. Do Podcast ads

Marketing not only involves visual appearance. Podcast ads(Audio) are also a great way to reach your targeted audiences since shows are typically geared towards specific groups.

For example, online stores, such as Dollar Shave Club and Blue Apron, have used podcast ads to reach and engage consumers.

So, without wasting time, reach out to podcasts that are related to your industry to discuss fees and explain your brand’s value.

Their messaging about your ecommerce store will benefit from a solid understanding of why your products are useful and worth buying.

Consider the content of your message when choosing your podcast time ad placement. 

A shorter pre-roll or post-roll spot at the beginning or end of a podcast is unique if your ad only requires a few lines. 

For a more lengthy message, you can go for a longer mid-roll ad in the middle of the podcasts when listeners are more engaged and settled in. Compared to pre- or post-roll ads, Mid-roll ads usually cost higher.

8. Leverage Social Media Sites

Social media sites will be big assets in establishing your online presence because the potential is endless. There are millions and billions of people today using social media sites. So, it is easy for your business to get in on a part of the action.

If you start a social media campaign, you could see dramatic results in a short period of time. 

On the other hand, it is also popular because it doesn’t have to cost you anything, although having a budget can make things much easier.

Firstly, begin by posting links and publishing content that attracts your target audience, and then redirect them back to your website. 

There are so many various strategies that can be used for social media marketing, so once you have been marketing for a while, you will be able to identify the most effective one for your specific site.

9. Retarget Your Ads

How can you bounce back the customers who have visited your site but haven’t purchased it? Retargeting is the only answer. 

Ad retargeting is the most effective one when it is geared towards a particular customer wants. 

For example, a retargeted ad might show the product that an individual consumer was looking for, rather than show a general picture of the brand. 

Retargeted ads also perform well when you include the promotion and have a strong call-to-action.

You can also use a retargeting platform, like AdRoll, to place cookies in-store visitors’ browsers, display ads on other sites that they go to, and track the performance of their campaigns. 

Alternatively, you can also use retargeting tools that are included in paid advertising services. For example, Google AdWords users can set up remarketing campaigns through AdWords software.

10. Provide Free Samples

This is one of the effective marketing strategies that many businesses avoid.

 If you want to prove that your products are great and worth buying, then give some away and ask for open feedback. 

If the products are truly great, then consumers will spread the word via word of mouth and possibly online reviews.

In this way, you can market your new ecommerce store and drive traffic.


I hope the above discussed digital marketing Ideas help you to market your startup E-commerce Website and drive steady traffic that brings steady profit.

So, keep them all in mind and figure out which ones will be the most effective for your ecommerce site.