Uplift Struggling Small Business during quarantine with these 5 Tips!

How to Help struggling Small Business during Quarantine

How to Help struggling Small Business during Quarantine

Today due to government restriction, everyone stays at home and maintaining social distancing with others to hear finally the COVID-19 pandemic is gone.

However, it is a strange time for all of us including every small business. This has been struggling a lot and all their doors are closed indefinitely for the greater good of public health and safety. 

But you- small business owners! Remember every challenge is also an opportunity to learn and grow. In this quarantine period, you’ve finally got some time to slow down, reevaluate everything and make changes that will help you and your business come out stronger and more focused in the post coronavirus.

Hence to help the struggling small business owners, we’ve gathered a list of 5 killer tips that help your small business survive and adapt during this quarantine season. 

Let’s get started,

5 Killer Tips to Help Struggling Small Businesses during the Quarantine!

#Tip1: Reach out to your existing clients and check in on them 

If someone has not been existing for so long; naturally humans assume they are lost or dead. Yes, the same happens to your clients too.  

They’re probably as worried and lost as you are, with all the uncertainty caused by the virus and quarantine. 

Hence, reach out to them through your website and offer them some alternative options for rescheduling their date (always better than a cancelation), answer any questions they may have and try to find a compromise that works for both of you. 

For this, you can also consider creating an FAQ page or article for your clients, which answers some of the most crucial questions they may have at this quarantine time to reach you. 

#Tip2: Be Active on Social Media

Yes, the next way to stay alive in this quarantine is to be active on social media. 

Check-in on your clients through social media and ask them how are they feeling and doing during this period. Also, inform them to stay safe and find out what type of content they want to see from you, how you can help them – maybe a live or Q&A type of session would bring some clarity and value to them.

In this quarantine, we all ( including your clients) get so much exposure to the news, overwhelming statistics, false media and so on. So everyone almost craves for some a beautiful DIY project, inspiration, a book recommendation or quick tutorial on literally anything – just to take our mind of Coronavirus. 

So talk to your target people, find out what type of content they’d love to see from you these weeks – and share it accordingly. It’s also a great way to start incredible conversations with your fans, connect with them on a more personal level, maybe even start discussing a booking for next year.

#Tip3: Start Sharing Your knowledge

This is the right time to help your clients and community, showing compassion and humility. Serve them in proper ways you can, so it will all come back, for sure! 

For example: If you’ve planned to conduct a Conferences and workshops, but due to coronavirus were everything has canceled or postponed, yet you have all your notes and speech prepared, with valuable tips and insights on a certain topic. 

Yes, start sharing it via an article, Instagram or Facebook live, maybe a Youtube or Patreon video. Most importantly, offer a free or discounted mentoring session in this period to help your clients as well as for you. 

#Tip4: Revamp Your Website

One of the most important tips to consider in this quarantine period for small businesses is to work on your old website. 

Yes, so far in the restless days, you’ve been avoiding many important things to do for your website. But you must remember that your website is the first impression to your audience to take them to the next step.

Some things that you can work on your website includes,

Adding a Portfolio to your website– It’s the most important thing to consider because it showcases who you are to the new audience.

Review your website’s copy, does it speak to your ideal clients? Does it show the value you can bring to them? 

Revise and declutter your older blog posts, see which content can be recycled or upgraded to better serve your audience. 

Finally, you’ve got time to Redesign your older website or develop a new website, that elevates your brand and website to look attractive to your target audience. So that you won’t miss out on any prospects. 

#Tip5: Dive into SEO:

Like websites redesign, SEO is also most important to work during the quarantine time. With SEO, your target audience can reach you and this improves your organic traffic. 

So, once you Optimize your website for search engines, don’t fail to review your website performance, check which pages work better, which have a higher bounce rate, which ones need to be improved and pushed further. For this, you can use Google Analytics that give you some great insights on that – if you don’t have it installed, we highly recommend you to do so.

Bottom Line: 

I hope the other discussed tips will help you to take action during this quarantine time which you’ve not taken so far. 

This makes your small business survive and adapt during this quarantine season. 

If you feel, you actually need website redesigning but don’t know how to do it? don’t worry, we‘re there to support you!

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