Usage of Google Webmaster Tools

Posted by SamanthaRazil on  January 30, 2020
Category: Google|SEO
This is very helpful tool provided by the Google freely. Main aim of this tool is to improve our websites. It will show exactly what is going on our website and what the problems in our websites are. So that we can find what Google thinks of our site. This
Adobe Photoshop is still number one designer tool for mastering the designer. Most of the adobe software platform is comes from the adobe Photoshop only. So Photoshop is the mother of all other Photoshop tools. But sometimes designer can’t able to do what they thinking because of it’s just want

How to Optimize the Videos for Search Engines

Posted by SamanthaRazil on  January 30, 2020
Category: SEO
Most of the marketers understand the value of video marketing, marketers are also understands that getting high rank in the video searches in the search engines is very tougher than it is used be. Remember that when you throwing video on YouTube or vimeo with any keyword phrase and search
  When Google introduces their Google+ to the world, that time Google + team decided to customize the page for Google+ URL that points directly to the user accounts. In order to qualify for a custom URL you have meet the following requirements: You have to separate profile photo for
Sometimes we having some unwanted and not utilized URL’s and link in your blog or website. This will give very impression about us to the visitor of our site or website. It means that some of the pages are not on your website or blog. But they are listed in
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