AMC Management Software

Accelerate Your Business with AMC Management Software Up to 100%

Today everything has become so much smarter. So what about your business? Yes, it is the right time for you to shift smarter with “AMC management software”.

With the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) software, your business can manage after-sales services and keep on maintaining the brand value.

Hence, Incorporating AMC Management Software into your company operations will be the best bet.

However, if you’re very new into this field, reading this blog you will understand,

  1. What is AMC?
  2. What is AMC Management Software?
  3. The Industries that get benefited with AMC Management Software
  4. How does AMC management software accelerate your Business?
  5. The overall benefits that you urge through AMC management software

What is AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)?

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract or Annual Maintenance Cost.

It is the regular process for every service-based organization to check the equipment sold to the customers is running well without any failure.

For this, the company charges some amount from their customer for maintenance purposes, for a particular product or service purchased by them for a fixed period of time.

This contract period can be for a few months or six months or a few years according to the customer purchased contract.

Therefore, according to the agreement, every manufacturer after the sales are alert on providing regular services to the product.

What is AMC Management Software?

AMC Management Software is an Annual Maintenance Contract Management Software.

It is also called Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM Software).

One part of the service management software is the “AMC Management software”.

AMC management software
Annual maintenance contract management software

To manage all the Annual maintenance contracts automatically without any error, the AMC management software is developed. 

It is the software to manage complaint management, product details, complaint tracking, warranty management, reminder, Service Calls Scheduling, Complaint Service Calls for any type of products that could have warranty contracts, and needs regular servicing.

Further, customer birthdays reminder with SMS & Email integrations system which is a very important feature of customer relationship management.

The Industries that Get Benefited with AMC Management Software

The AMC management software can be used for any kind of service-based industry.

Be it small and medium-scale companies that provide a product service for a certain period.

Using this, you can manage a complete record of all your Annual Maintenance Contract details like AMCs completed, AMC dues, and those that need to be renewed.

AMC management software
AMC management software

Some of the industries that get benefitted through AMC management software, includes

  1. Electronic
  2. Electrical
  3. Software
  4. Automobile
  5. Marketing & Sales
  6. Finance
  7. Insurance
  8. Healthcare
  9. Mechanical
  10. Household Appliances

How AMC Management Software Can Accelerate Your Business

1. You can Easily Manage Customers

It is great to know that your business is enjoying a huge customer base.

However, as the number grows, it becomes more difficult to find an easy way to manage all the requests and responsibilities when your resources are limited.

For this, incorporating AMC management software would be an ideal choice.

With this, you can track complaints, find the nearby dates for services, and meet all the annual maintenance contracts right on time.

Therefore, you can satisfy and keep customers happy – as every one of them will get the best of your services without any complaints.

2. You can Manage Contracts Efficiently

The Service Contract Software for Small Business helps in saving all annual maintenance contracts of each person and getting notifications at the right time.

With this annual maintenance contract management system, you will be able to manage your resources on-time before deploying them to the respective addresses.

Therefore, this is the perfect way to deal with maintenance contracts and retain the degree of trust you gained over the years.

Apart from your responsive and proper service methods, you should also show responsibility from your side.

For instance, bad management is where customers call for maintenance and give you a reminder.

Whereas, having “AMC management software, you remind them and make them feel you care.

3. You can Start Saving Resources

Confused deployment of resources will not lead to anything productive.

You cannot even make a good outcome from your voluntary attempts despite giving the fullest.

Hence, a well-managed approach will help you save on resources while deploying your resources.

This happens only by availing thebest AMC management software for Small Businessto track expenses.

Therefore, from roadshows, advertisements to service management, everything can be done accordingly.

Thus, AMC service management software is considered as a future-ready software platform to save on your expenses.

4. Campaigning

On top of all this, using the AMC Management Software platform, you can also design email and message campaigns and notify customers regarding their rights.

This in turn, helps in increasing your brand reputation in the market.

The Overall Benefits that You urge Through AMC Management Software

The AMC management software is intended not just for business growth.

Individually, it also benefits business owners, service engineers as well as customers.

The Benefits of AMC Management Software for Business Owners:

AMC services are very important for any business. Because it helps in saving the cost of the organization.

At the same time, they do not need to have additional employees in their organization.

The service engineer will remove your issues. So the business owner can concentrate on their work.

Furthermore, with AMC software, business owners can get a notification. This helps in maintaining all AMC contracts automatically before a month.

Whenever an invoice is created in AMC management software, automatically the AMC period is captured and the contract is created with follow up details.

AMC management software
AMC management software

Hence, AMC Management software is an all in one software which can be enabled or disabled according to your needs.

  • The AMC software provides Graphical representation to owners with a complete and detailed summary of complaints in the graphical representation.
  • With the user-friendly dashboard, owners can easily see the progress of the present workforce in a specified task and a detailed summary of the services that are open and pending.
  • Lastly, with the ‘Track Client’ feature of the application, business owners can easily track all the complaints and feedback of customers along with the warranty status and sales reports in a single click.

Benefits For Customers:

With the help of AMC software, the customer simply needs to set the AMC start date.

The software itself calculates the end date based on the previous closing period.

  • With the “customer master feature”, customers don’t have to worry about filling every detail manually. As the AMC software automatically fills in the customer details whenever a client is selected. 
  • Moreover, the customers don’t need to choose a specified period for the continuation of their services.
  • The AMC application enables customers to enjoy the services for the product purchased at their own interests and requirements, over a period of 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and so on.
  • Customers can get reminder alerts for their product maintenance at the right time to get service done.

Benefits for Service Engineers:

AMC software will provide service engineers with the automatic notification a month before the AMC period.

So, they don’t want to be rushed to reach the customer’s home to do service.

  • Service engineers attend the PMS (Pre Maintenance Schedule) calls and provide satisfying support. This helps in building a good relationship between the company and business enterprises.
  • You can efficiently manage the service calls
  • Moreover, it made it easier for you to save time and money while servicing.
  • Lastly, through AMC software, you can get proper Scheduling for every day to complete tasks without any confusion.

Bottom Line:

I hope you got an idea about what is AMC management software and how beneficial it is to accelerate your business.

If you’re looking for an AMC Services in Chennai to Grow Your Business. We at the Chennai Web Development AMC management software solution in Chennai is the right place to get the easier technology along with the best features to provide your customers with the experience of satisfaction in the truest sense.

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Annual Maintenance contract software

Annual Maintenance Contract Software to Gain Customers Retention!

Did you hear about AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract management software? It is one of the most effective and innovative online and web-based Service Contract management systems to gain customer retention to your business. Hence, in this Annual maintenance contract software blog, you will learn all about AMC Annual Maintenance Contract Management software and its benefits to the service-based industries in 2020.

Let’s get started,

What is AMC?

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. It is an annual (1-year ) agreement between a customer and a service provider for maintenance and repair of products or property used by customers, organizations, or companies.

Furthermore, in the annual maintenance contract, where every service-based company charges some bulk amount to their customer to extend service support for the specified product for a fixed period of one year.

It is offered by all manufacturers after the sale.

What is AMC Management Software?

AMC Management Software is an Annual Maintenance Contract Management Software. It is also called as Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM Software).

AMC management software is used to control the entire activities of Annual Maintenance Contract and Service calls.

Annual Maintenance contract software
AMC Management Software

For instance, with the AMC service management software, both small and medium scale industries can effectively manage the process of

  1. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)
  2. Customer Complaints
  3. Customer birthdays reminder with SMS & Email integrations system
  4. Customer Complaint tracking
  5. Warranty management
  6. Service Calls for any type of product that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.

Now, let’s deep dive into the benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract software one by one to know in detail.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract Software

1. Easy Customer Management

With an easy to use interface, Annual Maintenance Contract Software helps you to manage your customer’s details in the most simple way.

Furthermore, our AMC software in Chennai includes automation in each stage which helps to avoid making any error or missing out any important information.

On top of all this, it helps you to increase trust among your customers showing that you handle customer information in a proper way.

Moreover, this feature makes it very easy to keep tracking of all customer complaints. Our AMC module in CRM software helps to manage your data collection with tailor-made solutions we provide.

2. You can Manage Service Contract

Our CRM / AMC management software helps you to keep track of each contract details such as the number of the times’ service provider, expiry dates, etc. 

Furthermore, with this feature you will not miss out on any upcoming renewal contracts, thus helps in building a strong relationship with your customers.

Annual maintenance contract software

Moreover, this reduces the chance of losing 100% of the renewal of contracts. 

3. Manage product services

Our AMC service management software helps in managing the product you provided to customers, from the date of the product problem to the warranty period and all other important data.

Hence, you can maintain a dynamic record of the maintenance process with AMC management software in Chennai with a single click.

4. Email and Message Alerts

AMC software to manage emails and messaging campaigns in the least complicated way together.

In our AMC module of CRM software, we have an integrated alert system that will remind your customers about complaints registered and resolved, end of a maintenance contract, etc.

Moreover, these emails and messages will be generated from our AMC software. Send emails and messages automatically generated to your customers in various cases such as the end of the agreement.

5. Complaint Management System

In any service area, Complaint management plays an essential role. Hence, Keeping this in mind we have developed this module to keep track of each customer complaint and follow up activities until the issue is resolved.

It also keeps tracking of Customer Support Agents who is responsible for a particular complaint. Chennai web development AMC management software solution includes integrated tools that can create various charts and reports so that you can control business performance at a glance.

Annual maintenance contract software

Furthermore, you can manage all your customer complaints more efficiently by maintaining an electronic record in one place.

Additionally, you also get the opportunity to maintain all received complaints in a more efficient manner and update the status of the situation without any confusion/mistake. This allows you to provide quality service.


I hope, you got an idea about what is AMC management software and how beneficial it is for your business to grow and gain customer retention.

If you’re looking for an AMC Services in Chennai to Grow Your Business. We at the Chennai Web Development AMC management software solution in Chennai is the right place to get the easier technology along with the best features to provide your customers with the experience of satisfaction in the truest sense.

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