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Must-Follow 10 On-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Your Website Ranking

On-page SEO is essential for every website to rank higher and gain relevant traffic in search engines. If you still find your website is ranking low after the number of optimization. Then, the article is for you! Here we will walk you through the ten must-follow on-page SEO techniques that will eventually increase your website ranking and bring in high traffic at no time.

30-second summary

  • On-page SEO is one of the most critical processes for every business website, not only for ranking better in search engines but also for running successful Internet marketing campaigns. 
  • If you are searching for a solution to better rank in search engines for so long even after delivering better content to the audience. Here is your answer!
  • In this article, you will find ten effective on-page SEO optimization techniques that will maximize every website owner’s success in the digital world.

Since the search engines are getting too smart and sophisticated day by day, ranking higher in search engines continues to be a tough task for website owners.  

As a website owner, you must understand the critical SEO tactics executed on your website.

Successive organic searches are based on search engines to find, read, and evaluate website content. If the website content gets damaged in some way, then the organic performance could impact significantly.

Therefore, the On-page SEO optimization services in Chennai will allow you to find the right target audience and efficiently send it across the message.

Must-Follow On-Page SEO Techniques to Rank Higher in Search Engines!

There is a term called “E-A-T’’ in SEO – It means Expertise, Authority, and Trust. It is one of the essential ranking factors for websites to improve rankings over time. 

Looking for ways to enhance E-A-T is a solid white hat SEO strategy. It will provide the users and search engines what the customers need, i.e., high-quality results.

When you focus on on-page SEO quality, building authority, and trustworthiness for your brand, it will have positive and ever-lasting benefits. It’s as simple; if a user trusts the information on your website and visits regularly, then Google will rate the quality of the site higher.

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Page Titles

Your Webpage titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your website page, considered by experts of SEO Services Company in Chennai. 

When search engines crawl and index your pages, they check for the page title, the description of the page, the headings, and content to know what the page is all about. 

Each of your web pages and posts must have its unique title, including the main keywords and LSI keywords for that page.

Meta Tags

With each blog post, you publish on the internet via WordPress or other content management tools, it should add a unique and relevant Meta description. 

Meta Tags are an essential place in SEO to incorporate relevant keywords for your content. There is also a Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, which makes your work simpler. 

A good Meta description you provide must have the targeted keywords in the On-page SEO technique. User-friendly Meta descriptions will make sense and relate to your post.

Keyword Density

Adding relevant keywords throughout your content is essential to help search engine bots to work out what your content is all about.

At the same time, using excessive repeated keywords in your content will be considered “keyword stuffing” by Google, and it won’t improve your chances of ranking higher. It will decrease the overall strength of the site in the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Hence a reputed SEO Company in Chennai recommends having keyword density to roughly 2-5% to rank higher.

Optimizing Images

It’s not a surprise to know that Google ranks the pages with quality images since it increases viewer engagement. 

The people are more likely to interact with website pages containing the right images and videos, longer, resulting in better search engine rankings.

However, adding images to a website will not increase your ranking; you must add optimized images to improve ranking in search engines. 

According to the studies, 40% of visitors exit a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

Hence optimize your images that load in a second for a visitor land on your website. You can use Image compression tools to optimize your site images.

Post Permalink Structure

Ensure that the search engine friendly URL is displayed correctly to the audience as it is an essential on-page SEO metric.

URL leverages better crawling. Therefore, use your target keyword in the URL to perform better and rank higher.

Word Count Per Post

Blog posts with a high number of word count will typically perform well on search engines. 

Therefore Creating blog posts with at least 500 words through the best SEO company in Chennai is considered to be pretty standard in SEO.

Make sure while writing blogs, include the keyword in the first 100 words of the paragraph to rank better.

Internal linking

Linking your pages to related posts/blog/article/homesite within your website is very important for SEO. 

Interlinking blog posts to another blog will help your blog readers spend more time on your blog, and it will also improve SEO to pass page rank to other pages of your website.

External Linking

External links related to another website’s pages is a relevancy signal to help Google identify your topic. 

While linking out to external websites, make sure you link to trusted sites with a good DA/PA score. If not, there are chances to decrease your website ranking based on the site you linked.

Use Social sharing Buttons

In SEO services, the more views you get, the more likely someone is to link on your website. Social sharing buttons will generate more views on your content.

Body Tags – While writing articles, you should break up your content into smaller sections and paragraphs with bullet points. It makes it easier for people to read. 

On-page SEO, these sections can be given heading, where H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. tags are used.

Publish High-Quality Content

Last but not least, content is the most important for any website to rank in SERP. 

If you produce high-quality content on your website, then it can become even better with SEO!

The recent Google BERT algorithm update also stresses upon content. 

So, try delivering Original content (articles, text, images, videos, presentations, infographics, comments, etc.) – No copies or rewrites of existing blogs. It will impact your SEO ranking in SERP.


Your ultimate goal of performing on-page SEO techniques is to speak the ‘search engine language’ and SEO help crawlers to understand the exact meaning and context of your webpages.

They will also improve the values of internal pages and build the relevance of specific keyword phrases. 

Therefore, doing On-page SEO techniques will help to achieve maximum exposure in the search engines and keep your visitors happy. 

So, Are you ready to take up on-page optimization techniques for better website performance in SERP?

Get in touch with the right SEO Company in Chennai for one time and leverage the benefits across your entire website for a lifetime.

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Best Web Hosting Provider
Web Hosting

5 Reasons Why To Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider For your Business

Web hosting is a service that provides the technologies required for a website to be used on the internet. In this article, we will walk you through the 5 main reasons why choosing the best web hosting provider is important for every business.

30-seconds summary:

  • Web hosting services are more important for every business website to be visible on the internet. For example, When someone types your web address on the search engine, the internet interfaces with the webserver having your website files and afterward exchanges your website data back to their computer. 
  • From this point, people can browse and view the pages of your site and increase your conversion rate. 

So, currently, if you are facing any hosting problems or not satisfied with your existing hosting provider, and also don’t you have any idea about the features that you need to consider for your business. Then here are some valuable tips that can help you to find your best web hosting provider.

How to Choose Your Hosting Service

There are different kinds of web hosting services that are available out there. Depending on your business and requirements, the following types are varying from one to another & specifically every hosting has various advantages.

  1. Shared Web hosting
  2. Reseller Web hosting
  3. Cloud-Based Web hosting
  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  5. Dedicated Web Server
  6. Colocation Web hosting
  7. Self Service Web hosting
  8. Managed WordPress Hosting

You can get the best Web hosting service only if you know what you need. So, before you go any further – set everything aside and think about your own requirements.

Investigate host reliability and uptime guarantees

Each time your website goes down, your website visitors also decrease. Eventually, this results in losing your benefit, individuals, reputation, and so on. 

So, take time to find out how many customers the web hosting service provider has, see if they assure guaranteed uptime, and search for the feedback about their service. 

These make sure the reliability of the web host provider you look for.

Hosting Features and Limitations

There are website features that require a lot of disk space, RAM, enough processing power, to work well for you and your customers. 

Make a list of your prerequisites as well as your future needs. Then, make sure that your chosen web hosting provider achieves or exceeds your needs. 

Don’t forget to remember your requirements for extra areas, support, backups, and more. Ensure your web hosting provider can develop with you.

Storage and bandwidth

Make sure that you have all that required space for what you have planned to do with your website.

Having an idea of the webspace demands for your website will assist you to choose the best Web hosting plan configuration. 

This will make your uploaded content consistently used on the website and your virtual profile – immune to lack of resources.

Excellent customer support

Customer service may include pre-deals inquiries, billing, and technical support. Many web host companies have a variety of methods for you to get answers to your different questions so that you can do so quickly as well as carefully.

Choose the web hosting that has the best integration of options that you feel will best suit your needs. Check that your doubts are cleared before purchasing a Web hosting plan so can understand the competency of the customer support team. Internet service never sleeps. 

Go with the right service provider who offers excellent customer support 24/7. But, before partnering in any long-term hosting contract, ensure the response and service of the customer support.

Standard Pricing/Payment Plans

An important point to remember in the web hosting plan is- Ensure that you get the right benefits that you pay for. Investigate the cost for your web hosting provider with the other hosting service providers. 

Remember that there might be some fluctuations in cost depending on available features. Choose the best combination of cost and features. Furthermore, ensure the payment plans and figure out whether these are advantageous for you. 

Most free Web hosting gets revenue through advertising. These advertisements would disturb your website with pop-ups and also diminish the professionalism of the website.

5 Reasons to Choose the Best and Trusted Hosting is Important

Security and Malware Attacks

Website security is important and hence choosing the best Web hosting company is equally imperative. This is because they will back up your data to a remote server. Subsequently, make it simple to re-establish it in the event that your website is hacked. 

Likewise, you can gain from their help with customer support, security issues, and maintenance. This gives security and peace of mind for you!

Loss of Revenue

If your website goes down, your potential customers will not be able to view or find out your blog page or about your products/services in the search engine. 

The bestiality of the damage caused by such an incident will be based on your type of business or website.

For example, if you are running an online store, it’s definitely an impact on your business, which could lose out on your sales and revenue.

Scale your Traffic

As days go on, your business grows and you will require a hosting that will allow you to scale on demand. 

The best Web hosting company will have various Web hosting services and plans that help you in website development and traffic growth. 

For example, if you can start off with a basic Web hosting plan, and days go on, your business develops you can move up to powerful and flexible hosting services. It means a dedicated hosting, VPS for cloud hosting.

Negative SEO Ranking

Every business goal is to rank on the first page of every search engine results. 

Furthermore, Search engines are constantly exploring websites and if your business website is frequently down, then it will impact your ranking. 

Ensure your website ranking higher in search results so that the users can easily find you and thus the better chances for business to succeed.

Good reputation

Once you have listed out the important features you require, the next step is to find the best host provider with a top-notch reputation.

Do a complete background check. It means, find out how long years the company has been in business successfully. Can they provide you with customer or client testimonials and approval from current clients? 

Investigate their maintenance index, portfolio, and average time statistics.


Finally, consider that if you are spending your quality time troubleshooting your website because of some frequent problems with your web host provider that directly influence your main concern. 

Are you satisfied with your current web hosting provider? Still, now are you looking for the best web hosting service provider for your e-commerce business website? 

Start to research well, because your hosting can make or break your business. The success of your business relies on how the ease of use and accessibility of your website, factors that would depend on the Web hosting company you choose.

It’s important to choose the right Web hosting provider cautiously since your business will depend on it. The best Web hosting company can fulfill your needs and give you room to grow and expand. Choose one of our host plans of the Chennai web development web hosting company in Chennai and start creating a powerful, successful online presence today!

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mobile app development
Mobile application Development

7 Surprising Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Every Business

Mobile application development is simply defined as the software application that is particularly developed for mobile devices. Every year, mobile application downloads have been steadily increasing by users globally. According to the recent study, it is found that the number is projected to grow to 205 billion this year, and 258 billion in 2022—a 45 percent increase over five years. So, if your business has still not taken advantage of this excellent tool to grow then, this article is for you to know the benefits of having a mobile app.

30-second summary:

  • Today, mobile devices are playing an essential role in human life, it is certainly important to have mobile apps from a top mobile app development company in Chennai.
  • Here, you may have a question, so having a business website is useless? Never, it is necessary to have a business website to provide the latest information to the users. However, if you think that website is alone enough to attract new customers, it’s wrong.
  • As the usage of mobile devices is on the rise, additionally having a mobile app provides your customers with mobile-friendly content as well as it upturns your engagement with customers.

Just imagine, if you developed a feature-rich mobile app and it got a unique place in the user’s mobile devices? It’s great right! you always stand in front of your customer’s eyes and grab their attention. 

So, even having a mobile-friendly website, it is not adequate to manage all your needs.

It is essential to have an efficient app from a reputed Mobile App Development Company in Chennai which can enable customers to get connected on the go unless you have a business mobile app, it is not possible for you.

But, before knowing the benefits of having a mobile app for your business, first, understand the types of apps and choose the one that best fits your business needs.

Types of App

1. Native App:

These apps are particularly developed to use on certain platforms. For example, if the app developed for IOS, it will not perform on Android devices.

It is because the app developed uses specific software and hardware of the device, thus it provides faster performance and better reliability on the particular platform.

2. Web App:

A Web application program is initially stored in a remote server and with the support of browsers, it is made available on the internet.

These types of applications can be used in both platforms despite being OS. Google apps are one of the best examples of web-based apps. Here, you can customize your branding and can have multiple user access.

3. Hybrid App :

These applications are the combination of both the elements of native app and web apps.

It means you can enjoy a faster performance like native apps as well as tailored user experience of web apps. On the other hand, because of native infrastructure, hybrid apps can also work offline.

Advantages of Having a Mobile App for your Business

1. Improves Your Brand Value

A key to every successful marketing campaign lies behind the way they grab their customer’s attention.

So, developing a mobile app from a leading Mobile App Development Company in Chennai can help sustain your business brand image with an everlasting effect that is required to retain your customers.

With the right mobile application, you can also deliver what your business needs to convey to the audience.

On the other hand, to grab customers attention is to go along with customer-centric apps with features that appeal to your customers. 

So, when your customers download your app, you can earn more brand recognition and awareness in the market.

2. A Direct Marketing Medium

Mobile apps are one of the direct marketing mediums between you and your customers. It always stays on your customer mobile devices and markets your product/services to them instantaneously.

One mobile app can serve your customers in multiple ways like providing information, offering discounts, features, etc.

All this together allows your brand to get engaged with your customers. Also, the small icon on your customer’s mobile devices helps you to identify their tastes and preferences, demographics, locations, and their buying behavior based on their app usage.

Therefore, mobile applications that are built using a popular Mobile App Development Company in Chennai that helps you to get insights about what strategies would work and what not in attracting the customer base.

3. Customer Engagement

One of the important factors to grow business- customer engagement. May your business would offer great products and services, but without customer engagement, nothing you can take in return.

Therefore developing your mobile app that addressing the needs of your customers can truly help you with customer engagement.

Further, having your unique mobile app from an established Mobile App Development Company in Chennai is the only way to make sure that you are offering the best and satisfying user experience. 

So, without giving it any second thought, if you want to retain your customers and engage with your business, then developing the mobile app from the prominent mobile app development company is only the best way to make it happen.

4. Increases sales

The other surprising benefits of having a mobile app is- it not only adds value to your business, but it also increases sales/business revenue.

So how? This happens by including the features that help your customers to easily interact with your brand and encourages them to buy your product at ease without any complicated process.

Since business apps are developed by keeping your business requirements in mind, it acts as a long term strategy to drive the audience to your business. Those apps tailored for your specific business needs, get your business the desired ROI.

5. Creates an on-demand marketplace for your business

Today on-demand services are becoming the central part of the business industry where the customers expect everything from products to services to be delivered on-demand.

In this case, a mobile app fits your business perfectly with the chances to create a marketplace.

Mobile apps are the quickest way to identify and hire professionals and sell your products.

 The best Mobile App Development Company in Chennai delivers a high-quality mobile application for your business thus allowing customers to search and get their needs from you immediately.

6. Improved Customer Support

Can you believe a good mobile application can improve customer support? But it is the truth, mobile apps help in improving the communication between you and your customers.

However, with the evolving technology, we not just use mobile phones for calling and emailing. We also use it for live chat options and virtual assistants are conservative ways that help businesses to set new standards in providing excellent support to the customers. 

Especially for the startup business, the mobile application plays a huge role in delivering enhanced customer support.

7. Customer Loyalty

Business apps designed by leading developers of a Mobile App Development Company in India allow your customers to have a strong benefit system that is ‘’Customer loyalty program’’. 

Through your mobile app, you can allow customers to get benefited in several ways by providing discounts, offers, and other privileges in the form of coupons, cash backs, and rewards, thus encouraging them to make repeated purchases.

Furthermore, if your business deals with a lot of repeated customers then there are chances, the customers will start sticking with your brand forever. 

So, I hope now you’ve understood the importance and benefits of having a mobile app in addition to a business website to run a profitable business. 

The major reason to develop a mobile app for your business is due to the rapid growth of internet and mobile device users. 

At the same time, you can also increase sales as they start to trust and purchase your product through your mobile app. 

You can also increase your brand online visibility through apps developed by a professional Mobile App Development Company in Chennai. 

The important role of mobile apps in various Industries

Some of the sectors that are being benefited through the mobile app are

Travel :

With the partnership and travel and tourism, a single mobile app helps in booking tickets, Cab rentals for travel and sight-seeing, and even shopping for items related to travel.

Entertainment :

In this hectic lifestyle, it is essential for humans to get some relaxation and it is possible through the entertainment industry.

Here, the entertainment industry takes advantage of mobile apps and provide comfort for their audience through apps to book tickets for their favorite movies, shows, and save and watch offline in their leisure time.

Social network :

We can’t deny the importance of mobile apps for social media networking. Social network Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have acquired huge audiences and linked them together through apps. 

Bottom Line:

The demand for mobile apps from leading Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai has improved in all businesses. 

So, to stand out from your competitors, you should also have well designed and developed exceptional mobile applications. 

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to stay ahead with the mobile innovation trend and build your mobile app?

Choose the right mobile application development company in Chennai to partner with to create a perfect app solution.

Chennai Web development is such a leading mobile application development company in Chennai to partner with to get awesome Mobile apps with an unforgettable customer experience that is more than what you want for your business and your customer’s love.

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10 exact ways to improve website conversion rate
Web Design|Web Development

10 Exact Ways to Improve your Business Website Conversion Rate!

Are you looking to improve your Business Website Conversion Rate? Searching for answers on a lot of blogs, articles, webinars, seminars, and so on. But nothing has worked out? Then you’ve landed in the right place. Here you will look at the 10 Exact ways that many leading website owners used to improve their business website conversion rate.

30-second summary:

  1. In today’s digital marketing world, conversion rate optimization is quickly becoming a popular marketing strategy to increase sales.
  2. However, to the recent study, it is confirmed that only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.
  3. Hence, deep-diving into those satisfied business websites, we found out some of the strategies/ways they incorporated to increase their conversion rates. 
  4. Therefore, to help the rest of the business websites, we compiled those exact ways to improve your business website conversion rate.

Optimizing your websites to conversion helps in lowering your bounce rate and increases your sales.

Moreover, it is one of the effective marketing strategies that is used to increase your sales without spending more on advertising and content marketing.

A good conversion rate optimization campaign not only used to save high on your time, money, and efforts, but it also increases revenue per visitor, acquires more customers, and grow your business.

Today, you learn the top 10 exact ways that will improve your business website conversion rates and get your website into the top 10 percentile.

1. Ensure Your Search Engine Ads Match Your Landing Page

It is one of the important things every marketer needs to consider to improve your conversion rates. 

People come into the site after reading the ads, in this case showing irrelevant information on your landing page would make your visitor instantly click back button.

Furthermore, it also creates a bad impression to the visitors in their 1st visit and they never believe you and come back again. So, eventually, this decreases your conversion rate. 

Search engine ads to improve website conversion rate

Hence, make sure your ads are relevant to the landing page. It means what you’ve said in your ads must be exactly what you offer on your landing page.

Let’s take an example: If you’re running an ad that promotes a 25% off sale. If a person clicks on that ad, the exact sale with that exact language and tone of voice should also be on the landing page to which you are sending potential customers to increase conversions.

Protip: When landing pages don’t ask for age, the conversion rate is higher.

2. Make Customers to Understand Your Product’s Value Proposition

A value proposition is the other way to increase your business website conversion rate. It is the first impression and the main reason that tells why customers should buy products from you.

This is because searchers would be already familiar with the product they are looking for.

At this place, instead of writing what is the product about, try to write benefit-centric content that promises to deliver great value to them via clear features and solution-oriented benefits.

This would tempt customers to buy products from you rather than from your competitors. 

Product value proposition to increase website conversion rate

A report from HBR’s study of 1400 B2B customers, it is found that the “product selling method” is much less effective than “why” selling.

So, always ensure you write crystal clear and value-generating content on your website. Further, it needs to have a certain sense of urgency so that your customers will feel compelled to purchase your product or service.

3. Grab Visitors Attention with a Catchy Headline

By the recent study conducted, it is reported that traffic to a website can vary by as much as 500% based on the headline.

Surprising right! But, it is the truth. If you don’t have an eye-catching headline, then no one will love to click read more, no matter how great can be your content inside is.

The headline is the most important part of attracting customers to your website. This is because it is the first thing that your visitors will see. 

So if you are not creating an excellent first impression, then don’t expect your visitors to stay further on your website.

Headline to increase website conversion rate

Hence, want to increase your business website conversion rate? Start creating a headline to your blog, ad, or landing page title that is concise, appealing, and promises something great to your visitors.

For example, To create a clickable headline, you can also use shocking statistics or odd numbers in your headline that can intrigue people enough to want to hear more.

  1. This Explainer Video has Converted 60% of Visitors into Customers-You Must Know!
  2. 15 Easy and Best Ways to Train Your Dog Without a Trainer!

So, these are some of the examples that have a 50% higher chance to click your headline.

4. Make Reviews & Testimonials Visible for Credibility

In today’s digital world, people cannot feel and touch the product buying online. Therefore, it is reported that 90% of people’s buying decisions are influenced by reviews and testimonials.

So make sure, your website has powerful reviews and testimonials that increase your credibility. 

Make review to improve website conversion rate

Furthermore, it is vital for first-time visitors to your site to become your customers. So, always have genuine reviews that act as social proof.

Metrics-You must know!

  • 91% of online buyers aged between 18-34 trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  • On the other hand, 94% of customers say that negative online reviews have ended up them to avoid the business.

So, how you can get reviews from your customers?

For example: If you’re online beauty products selling company, you can ask your customers to review your product once they received it. Further, you can also encourage them saying, they can get a chance to receive a  gift by the next order by reviewing your product. 

If you are a service-based company and having a good working relationship with your clients, it is very easy for you to get testimonials from happy clients.

5. Create a Strong Call-To-Action That Cause Action

It is the most important way you should follow to increase your business website conversion rates. Study shows that 90% of users who read the headline read the CTA (Call To Action)

So, always remember your CTA should be like a magnet that captures your visitor to take action.

The Action can be either be filling up the form, submitting contact information, email id, or anything else that you must make your customer do.

strong Call to Action

The Call to action should always use the active voice rather than the passive voice.

On the other hand, while creating CTA buttons, you can also do split testing (A/B Testing) to elements such as button placement, color and copy is key to finding out what works best.

6. Have High-Quality Images to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

According to the recent study from Social Media Examiner, 32% of marketers say that visual custom images are the most important form of content for their business, the following blogging in at second place (27%).

So, instead of filling up your website full of heavy texts blog posts, web pages, or landing pages.

Try to break the content with some appealing images, videos, or helpful screen that helps to keep your reader engaged until the end of your post.

If you’re a startup company and don’t have the budget to hire a designer or create custom images.

Don’t worry it’s easy to use a free tool like Canva, which allows you to create high-quality custom images with easy-to-use templates

Also, try to avoid using stock photos, copying other images from the internet. These often look impersonal, unprofessional, and overused. 

But, you can take advantage of using screenshots or even occasionally sharing industry charts, graphs, and infographics.

7. Remove Distractions From Your Landing Page

It is the other important element to increase your business website conversion rate. 

Consider, if your website visitor landed on your landing page, but it pulls them in too many directions than what they come in. It is a worse experience than ever.

So, always have a landing page that is clear, concise, and easy to navigate. In simple terms, stick with what your visitors need to know and nothing else.

Here are some tips that you can implement to increase your landing page conversion rates.

  • Have a clear and catchy headline and subheadings
  • Convey the Benefits and features of the product to customers
  • Include Testimonial and/or reviews
  • Make some appealing visual combined with context, which shows what you’re offering
  • Have a strong call-to-action

So, these are some of the essential elements your landing page should have and eliminate all other distractions. 

Pushing your customers to your landing page should focus only on your offer and nothing else.

8. Add Trust-Badges On Your Business Website

Another important element to make people trust and buy from you is adding trust elements. 

Trust element is nothing but few trust signals that you’re providing to your customers telling that you’re not a fraud website and you can help them at any time. 

Some of the trust signals you need to have are:

  • Contact information (e.g. contact page, email, phone number, live chat)
  • Social profiles (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Payment assurances (e.g. various payment methods, trust badges, certifications, SSL)

This not only helps in improving your site’s conversion rate, but these trust signals also help with your SEO.

It is because, Google only wants to show trusted websites to its user’s search, so doing these things is a double win.

On the other hand, if you’re an e-commerce store- building your blog, consider adding trust badges, and sharing your products on social media can increase your conversions.

In addition, it also makes your company website look active for people to trust you. If you haven’t posted any blogs for a long period, people won’t trust you.

9. Give a Money-back Guarantee

It is the other quick way to increase your business website conversion rate. 

Additionally, offering a money-back guarantee builds trust and helps the customer feel more safe and secure.

As digital marketers and business owners, we all know consumers avoid taking risks. They always have the intent to don’t want to put their money at stake unless they’re reasonably sure they’ll get what they paid for.

In this case, providing a money-back guarantee will help customers to suppress fears and move past objections.

10. Add Chatbots to Your Website

It is the other important element to add to your website. It is because, many of your customers want to buy your product, but they have a certain doubt or question that keeps them from taking that last step.

Therefore, adding chatbots allows the customer easy access to you and they can get their questions answered instantly, which then builds more trust.

One of the best things about today’s evolving technology is that there are a lot of chat tools available that are very cheap. 

Hence, offering this feature you can notice an incredible increase in your conversion rates.

Final thoughts:

I hope, now you got an exact idea of how to improve your business website conversion rate like other leading websites.

Implementing these 10 exact ways is not that much difficult for you. 

However, if you’re a startup feeling difficult to boost your website conversion rates. Don’t worry, Chennai web development is an all-in-one Website design, development, and digital marketing company to satisfy all your business needs.

So, if you’re fond of enhancing your business? Then, don’t delay to contact us, our experienced designers, developers, and marketers are there to help you!

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Web design and development
Web Design|Web Development

How a Great Web Design and Development Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We all would be aware that the website is the first place where most of the people in the digitally transformed world get interacted. So, in this article, you will look at the importance of having a great web design and development in your digital marketing strategy.

30-second summary:

  • Are you drafted a great digital marketing strategy to drive conversions to your business?
  • But, do you know that before drafting the Digital Marketing Strategy guide, it is significant to have a quality website to the success of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Therefore, reading this article, you will come to know the impact of web design and development on your digital marketing campaign.

Before drafting your digital marketing plans, first, review whether your website has the following factors:

Conversion rate – Can your website convert leads/prospects?

Competition – are you standing unique among your competitors 

Branding – does your website showcase your brand?

SEO – does your website ranks well on search engines?

Responsiveness – is your website responsive?

Site speed – do all your web pages load quickly?

Website Design and Development

Once finished reviewing, if you are not getting the results you’d like and your site isn’t performing efficiently for many of those factors, then it’s going to be worth considering a redesign for your site.

Do you need a redesign for your website?

If you think that you simply need a redesign for your site, then make sure that you simply consider the following factors that we discussed above once you undergo a redesign. 

You need to discuss all together with your web designer to ensure that any changes that you apply on your website will have a positive impact.

This is because often a redesign causes an internet site to perform worse than its predecessor. After all, the planning hasn’t considered each of those factors.

For example, if a website that is rich with high-quality images, videos, and interactive content might look great for customers.

However, it’ll reduce your website speed. So, there are high chances to lose your customers. This might increase the bounce rate because users don’t want to wait for a long time to load pages.

1. First Know Your Audience:

Before, redesigning your website, it is vital to understand for whom this website is going to serve?
Consequently, first, identify who is your target audience is and build the location that they’d want. Is it for:

Potential Customers/Leads

Existing Customers/Members


Staff/Internal Stakeholders


Once you identified who your target audience is, then you can build personas for every segment and make a user journey around them. This may assist you understand how they get to your site and the way they’d navigate it to succeed in your intended objective.

What does your audience need from your website?

For this, take some time to know your audience’s interests and their online behavior before you create any changes to your website.
It’s often the best idea to compare some designs on your current site before you modify the whole thing. 
You can achieve this by having a skilled web designer who can create effective landing pages for your marketing campaigns.
In the next step, consider running some A/B tests together with your email or ad campaigns to ascertain what was simpler. 

From there, you’ll further refine the web page by making some slight alterations to the page’s call to action (CTA) to know what works for your audience.

Once you’ve collected the data, you can use it in your plans to create an optimized website.

2. Next, Define Your Website Goals:

What is the intent of your website?
Your digital marketing strategy should define your objectives. These could include lead generation, sales, or brand awareness. 
These objectives should be the most important part of any website redesign. When choosing a web designer or agency for your website redesigning, you should convey your goals and ask them to design the site that will meet your objectives.
It is also necessary to line out measurable KPIs for every objective. You’ll base them on conversions, visits, bounce rate, average time on page, or keyword rankings.
To make sure that your website meets your objectives, your website design must consider:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

User Experience (UX)

Brand Identity

3. Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is about increasing your organic traffic on search engines, which may be achieved through various on and off-site techniques.
 Your site must be seen on SERP because roughly 93% of online activity starts on a search engine.
And with around 60% of searches happening on a mobile, it is essential to have a responsive website. 
Therefore, today most of the websites are built with responsive in mind, but there’s are still a large number of devices that they aren’t responsive, and compatible. Thus, creating frustration once you need to use one on mobile.
Apart from responsive, a web designer should believe other on-page optimization activities, like improving the content, navigation, and technical areas of the location.

Any changes that you simply make to the location may impact your SEO performance for better or worse, which can affect your rankings in search engines like Bing and Google.

The following are the factors that you need to keep in mind to create a good web design.

Structure and navigation

You want to design a web page that is as easy as possible for users to navigate your site. It’ll also help bots to make a map of your website once they crawl it.


While not as important as user-friendliness, your design should look great to make users stay on your website and to revisit it.


Metadata and description are the most important part. This will helps bots as well as the audience to understand what the content is all about. 

Furthermore, it’s is the primary thing that a user sees within the SERPs and can determine whether or not they click on your link or not.


A site should have functionality for creating new content so that you’ve got more pages indexed in Google.
This may increase the possibility that your site is going to be found on search engines and means there’s more information about your website on the web. 
A site that’s always updated with newer content will get crawled by Google more frequently.
If your current website isn’t optimized for navigation, speed, and style, then you’ll have a web designer build your site so that these factors are taken into consideration.
They should be considered as a part of the UX design also.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization:

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of improving your site to increase the possibilities that a user will complete the desired action and improve your conversion rate (CR).
A conversion doesn’t always need to be a product purchase, it’ll entirely depend upon your goals too. It can include:

Contact Form Submissions

Email Submissions

Booking Completion

Account Creation

Transaction Completion
For this, you need to design your site, that can drives users to those call to actions.
An experienced web design team can make all the difference because they are skilled to make the balance between appearance and efficiency. 
If you prepare them on your objectives they’re going to consider it within the planning stages, which implies that you simply are going to be within the best position to refine your website for CRO.
While the management and analysis of CRO are right down to your marketing team, they’ll need the support of designers to form the foremost of A/B and multivariate testing.

5. User Experience (UX):

User Experience is all about user satisfaction. Once you design a website, you would like it to be easy-to-use, accessible, and worthwhile for your user. 
For this, you must consider UX design. It is important to web design and it’s closely linked with SEO and CRO. 
Search engines always try to meet what a user wants with the foremost relevant websites, which can think about sites with the simplest UX. 
And once you are optimizing your website to convert, you’ll need a site that considers the user journey across your site.
A visually appealing website is essential as they’re going to have a greater emotional response by seeing something that they find pleasing. 
However, tons of websites prioritize looks over functionality. This is often dangerous because users might just like the look of a site, but if they find it difficult to use and pages take a long time to load, then they’re unlikely to possess an excellent experience and return.
Getting this right might sound like an impossible job, but a top-quality web designer is going to be ready to mix good aesthetics with performance. 
Once everything is complete, you need to regularly test it to reinforce the user experience.

6. Brand Identity:

A website is what reflects who you are and what your business is. Most of the people will get a first impression of your brand by visiting your website, so confirm that you’re proud of how it’s designed.
Brand identity is vital to UX and CRO because it builds trust between the user and your business and it’ll influence their decision making. 
Poor experience on your website will reflect on your brand and will harm performance.
If your brand prides itself on being simple, quick, and straightforward, then your site experience should reflect this through navigation, structure, and visuals. 
Tell your designer on your brand guidelines, values, and messages and confirm that they translate it to your website.


The impact of web design and development on your entire digital marketing strategy is huge. 
From website user experience to branding, SEO, and CRO, web design plays an important role in how your brand is perceived. Leverage it to ensure your business thrives in the digital age.

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