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Sep 30




Top Reasons for Using HTML5 Instead of Flash in Responsive web design

HTML  5 is the newest version of HTML which is  stands for Hyper Text Markup Language . Most of the website are designed by html only.In previous version of HTML plugin’s needed for playing any audio or video in the website. But HTML 5 itself contain the code for adding video and audio in the website where it is developed.

There are lot of reasons for the designer can switch over flash responsive web design to HTML 5 based website design. Here few reasons are listed below Read more →

Sep 28




How Images Can Help To Improve The Conversion Rate of WebSite

Images can help to improve or destroy your conversion rate interms of  how you are utilizing those images in your website. Images can either help you to develop your business goals or hurt your business.

In older proverb tells that ”one picture is worth of 1000 words”.

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